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Micasa Coatings has partnered with the hero program to offer energy efficient wall coatings.

We began our business in the early 1990’s and today we are one of the most successful residential painting companies in the Inland Empire, Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Micasa Coatings can serve you for all your exterior painting needs. We have the finest repeat and referral rates in the industry, which speaks to our trusted and loyal customer.

As a Micasa Coatings Professional, I provide:

A 2-year warranty on all work in writing
Painting materials from world-class brands

As a Micasa Coatings Professional, I guarantee:

Punctuality is our principle
A detailed estimate will be given to you at the time of your appointment
A complete cleanup of all areas will be under taken after all work is completed

The Micasa Coatings complementary estimate:

Allow us to complete a complimentary estimate for your painting needs. Simply call

909-321-2011, or book your appointment online just click here. 

Begin the Micasa Coatings experience today.


We look forward to your call or email, and to making your painting experience with us memorable.

The elastomeric coatings available from Micasa Coatings are manufactured by SureCoat, an industry leader in exterior wall coatings that are formulated to deliver the highest level of structural protection that will last for decades. When you invest in a professional application of an elastomeric coating from Micasa Coatings for your home, you’ll enjoy these features:

SureCoat™ protection – Exterior wall coatings with this formula stretch to cover and seal the tiny cracks that develop in your home’s surface areas, which will not only enhance your home’s appearance but also protect it from potentially damaging water infiltration.

Cool Life™ heat reflective technology – This feature allows your elastomeric coating to reflect solar heat away from your home, thus helping your indoor areas retain a comfortable temperature during Southern California’s hot summers with less need to turn on your HVAC system. That means you may be able to save money by cutting your home’s cooling costs.

A warranty that lasts as long as you own your home – This is a level of protection for your investment that you’ll be hard-pressed to find available with traditional house paint.

What’s more, the exterior wall coatings we offer to homeowners in this area are available in many colors, For more information about having Micasa Coatings professionally apply an elastomeric coating to your home, contact us today. We’ll also be happy to help you determine whether your home upgrade may be eligible for the special financing terms available to qualified homeowners through the HERO program or YGRENE.

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